about Claus Bork...

Claus Bork was born in the northern suburbs of Copenhagen on november 15. 1951.
His father was a naval officer and his mother took care of the home. He started his 'carrier as a child' in Jaegersborg, a little to the north of Copenhagen. Later, the family moved to Virum, where Claus and his brother Michael grew up.
His parents were divorced when he was 8 years of age, and he moved together with his mum, her new husband and his brother to Charlottenlund when Claus was 10 years of age.
His childhood can, without any unnescessary dramatising be characterized as a difficult one - and although he grew up in a rather wealthy environment, he left school in the age of 14, where he was sent to the island of Mors in northern Jutland. Things were not functioning between him and his stepfather. He worked at the estate 'Ullerup', that was owned by a member of his stepfathers family. Later he studied on the farming school 'Lundby Landbrugsskole' (farmingschool) where he got the first part of the official 'green card' as a farmer.
Many, both teachers and others, urged Claus to return to 'city-life' to improve all of the talents that he so obviousely had, in the artistic field. He ended up doing as they recommended, and went to Skaevinge Forbundsskole, where he, in the age of 18 (a little later than others) finally had his 'Realexamin'.
After that he was educated as a technical assistant in the field of building construction - and worked for a few years as such, in - among others - the large Danish engineering company COWI, at that time named Cowi Consult.
He later went on studying to
Bygningskonstruktør BTH. After some years of technical work in engineering offices, among these working as an architect in the company 'Bülow & Nielsen' he turned to the entrepreneur business, and was employed in the large Danish construction company 'Højgaard & Schultz'.
Claus Bork has been working as an entrepreneur / Project Manager for many years, and has indeed made his construction sites profitable and decent businesses, through his creativity and courage in decisionmaking.
In the mid 70's - while he studied to become
Bygningskonstruktør, he started what he himself regarded as to be a second carréer - as a rock musician. When he received the first loan as a student, he bought his first Fender Stratocaster, and lived on almost nothing, while he practised the playing of the guitar.
About the time, that he changed lane into working on construction sites, he started the band Reflex, that was his first real attempt to make a carréer out of it. Later the band Clockwork Orange followed. This was his ultimate 'no guts - no glory' investment in a future as a rockstar. Even though many prized this new band and the ambitions were great and they all got rich in experience, they realized, that the ambitions would never be fullfilled, and in the late 80's Claus Bork left Clockwork Orange.
It was time for him to persue new goals, and these involved getting married and having a family. In the mid 80's Claus Bork also got heavily involved in a new carréer as an author of fantasy books. He has published 15 books - 11 of which are fantasy for children from app. 10 to 15 years of age - and 4 for adults.
Now, years later, Claus has publishing his book: WTC-gate - the unofficial story about what happened on september 11. 2001. This fictional novel is far from the official explanation of what happened that fatal day in 2001.
His book 'Spin' was published in 2016.

Claus Bork lives in Skånes Fagerhult in southern Sweden.
He is the proud father of 3 sons of 43, 30 and 27 years of age - and a daughter who's 23 years of age.
Furthermore he has 3 grandchildren.
He is divorced and lives together with his mastiff dog Lady and the black cat The Tramp.
He has recorded the rock album 'Retrolife' in his own studio. 
He has, in the same period, put the songs from Retrolife out on

Claus Bork can be contacted:

Claus Bork
Esplanaden 6
286 73 Skånes Fagerhult
phone: +45 60 67 30 46 (danish)
email: (that's where you are right now...)