the Rock Musician Claus Bork

In the 70's, Claus Bork started several bands in Copenhagen. He performed as a lead vocal, guitarist and lyrics author and composer. In early 80's he first started the band Reflex, that was on the road for a couple of years. Reflex came to be the 'warm-up' for Claus Bork - who next after Reflex started the band-project 'Clockwork Orange' (see below)

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       Claus Bork                    Stig Cederberg                       Johnny Jensen                    Michael Østerfelt

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Clockwork Orange:


Clockwork Orange was the band, that many said could go anywhere, become anything. Way before their time in music and show ability on stage. The songs, with compositions and lyrics by Claus Bork, were indeed strong, political statements on war, crime, freedom of speach, racism and the environment. Clockwork Orange was, by many in the business, regarded to be in the new wave of artists that had something to say - and had the guts to do it straight. It was not a typical Danish band, and with lyrics in English, the timing for the band proved not to be optimal.
In the late 80's the band members decided to split, as several of the members were engaged in other artistic projects.Today, 2007 - Claus Bork was engaged in a carreer as a fantasy author of childrens books, and is today engaged in his own new project 'Retrolife' (see specific page) that is released on iTunes and Napster on august 24. 2007. Some of the songs can be played on the Retrolife Reverbnation page:
Jesper Østergaard, the guitarist, has for several years been working on his own animated movie project 'Enyo', that can be found through this link:

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Anna a' Rogvi (sax) - Jens Høier (keyboards - back) - Henrik Bjarnesen (drums) - Claus Bork (lead vocal) - Jan Illemann (bass) - Jesper Østergaard (lead guitar)

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Club job in Copenhagen, early 80's...


first ever pressfoto of the just established Clockwork Orange - early 80's...