the inventor Claus Bork

During the winter 2001 Claus Bork had an idéa to a new kind of sealing for the building industry. Together with his friend Mads Blom he invented, patented and developed the idéa. Then they made prototypes, tested them and started up production. 
The idéa was named Danscreen and is available on the market.
You can read more about the benefits of Danscreen, prices and environmental impact on:




NCC construction site PSG on Amerikakaj in Copenhagen.
The lower level are sealed with traditional wooden screens, the top 4 levels are sealed with light construction, heavy duty Danscreen.


WR Entreprise construction site Porcelænshusene 1 og 2 in Copenhagen. The building to the right is sealed with Danscreen, behind the light weight net on the scaffolding.

Danscreen - the first prototype - mounted on Lundbech, an NCC construction site in Valby in Copenhagen.

Claus Bork is working with a variety of ideas, aimed both at the construction site industry and many other purposes. The newest idéa is a brand new method for manufacturing alpine ski boots. This idéa will be presented for the market leading companies in this field, during the autumn 2007.