Empire of the Dragon

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English translation of "Lektørudtalelse" (89/48) 695 794 3 from Indbindingscentralen, Copenhagen, of the book: Dragens Rige (Empire of the Dragon) by Claus Bork, published by Forlaget Sorte Sigurd - 104 pages.

Claus Bork's 3. book about Jesper Aksel Bergmann from Holte, and the raven Black Mac. All the fantasycharacters, Merlin and Sir Gawain, the king of Roselawn, Dworf, Sir Lanselot, King Lejon - and not to forget Henrik, also from Holte, and the terrifying dragons. Many mentioned and some left out, but noone could ever say, that there is not "action for every dime", when Claus Bork once again, with great humour and madness sends out Jesper in an amazing fantasystory. But there is gravity in the middle of all the humour and there's a meaning in the madness, because why does Jesper conquer - helped by all his friends from fantasy and reality - the dragons, that not at least deep inside their hearts contain anything good? Because he holds the capability to seek and find love, to win others hearts and make them fight for his cause, for what he is. It is a humanitarion and good message, to want to effect in 104 pages, and Claus Bork is doing it very convincing in this small, humourous book for children from 9 to 13 years of age. He writes in an exiting, dynamic style, that in a few spots could have been a little more fluent. For beginners in the fantasy genre. Knowledge of the two first books in the series is an advantage, but not a must. Cover in colours of the oldest, most ugly dragon, nice and true without special dynamics.

Karin Bodenhoff

English translation of "Lektørudtalelse" (89/48) 695 794 3 from Indbindingscentralen, Copenhagen, of the book: Dragens Rige (Empire of the Dragon) by Claus Bork, published by Forlaget Sorte Sigurd - 104 pages.

Jesper Aksel Bergmann from Holte once again goes on a journey into the kingdom af fantasy and meets old friends as the raven Black Mac, the king of Roselawn, Dworf and the sorcerer Merlin. It all begins, when Zola, a big impudent boy, entices Jesper away from his school, to bring him to Khanpur: The land beyond the cunning of the dragons. It appears as a fact, that Zola is a young dragon in disguise, that has the task of capturing a boy, who is not yeat 12 years old, so that the old dragon Kartzan is able to fulfill her 700 years old magic potion. But Jesper is fortunate enough to have a good friend named Henrik. As in Claus Bork's earlier books - that this one can be read without any knowledge of - there is action and exitement, humour and laughter in a magnificent mixture. A never failing sequence of events and fine deliation of characters mixed with thought-provoking reflections of the relationship child / adult due to true friendship takes it to a high level. It is damn well done! In the 4. to 6. schoolyear it is an obvious book, but those, who choose to read it for themselves, get if possible an even better experience. The author has this time chosen to make the cover himself, that might not be such a good idea. The dragon that is pictured is furious enough, but it's a bit stereotype related to the text.

Hans Pedersen (S)

Synopsis of Dragens Rige (Empire of the Dragon)

Jesper, now 12 years old is tired of going to school. He uses every excuse to himself to shirk school and do other, not guite sensible things. One day, on his way to school, Jesper meets a boy named Zola, who smokes cigarettes and has bad manners. He tells Jesper about Khanpur, where schoolbooks are being burnt, and where children never have to do things they don't want to do. Jesper, who is very impressed, follows Zola away from school, through the forest near his home, where the passage to Khanpur has been established. Zola promisses Jesper that they will be back at four o'clock, when he's supposed to be back from school. Henrik, Jesper's best friend, and a very reasonable boy, follows them into the forest but doesn't manage to stop what's happening.
Zola appears to be a young dragon, who's quest is to kidnap a boy and bring him to the oldest and most terrifying dragon in the world of Khanpur. The boy is the missing ingredient in a 700 years old mixture, that will provide the old dragon with total control. Jesper and Zola meet Sir Lanselot, who manages to disclose Zola's secret and scare him away.
Jesper follows Sir Lanselot to the Court in the city of Khanpur. There Black Mac turns up, alarmed by Henrik back in the real world. The luxurious life at the Court suits Black Mac.
The castle is attacked by the dragons, and Jesper is captured. In the meantime, Henrik meats the wizard Merlin in the forest in Holte, near their home. Merlin looks upon the whole matter with great consideration, and calls all the creatures that Jesper met in the first two books: Black Mac and Land beyond the Mist. 'Cause they all care for the boy Jesper Aksel Bergmann. When Jesper meets the old dragon Kartzan he realizes, that the end is near. Black Mac gets there and tries to comfort him. Then Merlin appears on the beach, where he steps right out of a lightning. A fight in magics takes place, between the dragon Kartzan and the wizard Merlin. In the end they make a bet. Merlin claims, that the boy has great potential and can do things that an old dragon could never do. If Merlin is right the boy can go. The boy can make others stand up for him and fight for him, for what he is and out of love for him. All the creatures from the magic kingdoms stand on the beaches and in the hills of Khanpur, ready to fight for the boy. Time shows that Kartzan cannot persuade anyone to stand up for it - and Merlin wins. Jespers capability of giving and taking love saves him. His friendship with Henrik and Black Mac is the key to his survival.
The old dragon Kartzan lies on top of it's cliff, in the middle of the ocean, wondering of the magnificent power it met whithin the mind of this little boy Jesper Aksel Bergmann. And, as it lost the bet, it has to do that forever.
Jesper, who has been through quite a lot of trouble, goes to school, does his homework, and hopes that the whole thing will never mess up again. Black Mac gets a lot of trouble with Merlin, as usual.

In this translation the raven Sorte Sigurd is named Black Mac.

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