The Author Claus Bork


Claus Borks first books, Regnbuebøgerne, were published as a trilogy in 1985 by Forlaget Apostrof in Copenhagen.
Then came a number of titles from Forlaget Lina, after which Claus Bork started his own publishing company, Forlaget Sorte Sigurd
 - through which 6 titles were published.

The big breakthrough for Claus Bork, as an author, came with the publishing of the fantasy book 'Sorte Sigurd' (in English 'Black Mac')
that received tremendous reviews in the press. After that the filmcompany behind the 'Valhalla' movie paid much attention to the
  fantasy-novel'Bølgernes Børn' ('Children of the Waves') - but the company went out of business during the contractual negotiations.

The pictures below are links to each titles' (lecteurers statements) lektørudtalelser, covers og sample chapters:

Childrens books (read from app.: 9-15 years of age)

slange    mester    kong    sigurd    landet    dragens    waves    djin    portene    muffy

Adult books:

deer karagandaSpin

WTC-Gate was published in English language, December 2015 - for sale on Amazon, Adlibris etc.

Mr. Blue Sky

Futuristic novel about a man's meeting with an A.I. 'gone rogue'.
To be published on Books on Demand in May 2021. For
sale in bookstores and the internet as  paperback and e-book.
  Bookcover designed by Lene Holm, Graphique. 

English translation ongoing with planned release in English in 2022.


Mr. Blue Sky II

Volume 2 in the trilogy about Mr. Blue Sky - about a man's meeting with an A.I. 'gone rogue'.
Published on Books on Demand in the autumn of 2021.
English translation expected in 2022.

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