Land beyond the Mist

ISBN: 87-982798-1-5

English and German translation available


English translation of "Lektørudtalelse" (88/23) 671 401 3 from Indbindingscentralen, Copenhagen, of the book: Landet bag Tågerne (Land beyond the Mist) by Claus Bork, published by Forlaget Sorte Sigurd - 126 pages. 105

The continuing of Black Mac, where the main character Jesper, 11 years old, one day finds his dog deadly poisoned by ratpoison. In that time of despair the raven Black Mac enters the scene to offer it's help. In the land of Hanwayan, beyond anything that adults can understand, there is a rose that contains strong and healing powers. But the rose is very difficult to get, as the land is ruled by the wicked and evil Haron, whose cruel warriors have eyes everywhere. It becomes an exhausting and dangerous journey for the two friends and the dworf Dwarf, who joins them on the way. They fight an almost desperate fight against the evil powers of Harons. They reach their goal, but the journey back awaits them - a journey that is not only a struggle against Haron, but also a struggle against time, as the rose has a limited time of life. The book is, just as the first one very well written, entertaining and very exiting, with lots of good spirits and humouristic elements - especially Black Mac. The characters are mostly described by their acting, which makes them very much alive. There is speed in the action, where the characters have to go through such a lot of trouble, and where the reader in breathless expectation feels with Jesper in all his despair. When Jesper gives away his rose, to save a dying boy, no eye is dry from tears for this warm and feeling hero. A traditional, exiting fantasystory - black/white - with no additional to the genre. From approximately 10 years of age.

Lisbeth Hagelberg

English translation of "Lektørudtalelse" (88/23) 671 401 2 from Indbindingscentralen, Copenhagen, of the book: Landet bag Tågerne (Land beyond the Mist) by Claus Bork, published by Forlaget Sorte Sigurd - 126 pages. (106)

The boy Jesper from Holte and his faithful friend, the raven Black Mac, wellknown from the authors childrens book Black Mac from 1987, once again experience incredible events together. Jesper's dog Cherri is dying from ratpoisoning, and the only thing that can save it, is a rose from the fantasyland Roselawn, that lies between the land of richness and happiness Opal, and the land of cruelness Hanwayan. We join the boy and the raven on their hazardous journey through large forests, bottomless swamps og snowcovered mountains, alternately helped by good people and witchcraft, and slowed down by evilness and cunning. It is exitement and action, good humour and laughter in a wonderful mixture. It is incredible fine delineation of characters and a never failing sequence of events. And it is thought-provoking reflections on man's chase for material pleasures, without any consideration or thought for others - up against true friendship and devotion. It is, in fact, in every sence a wonderful story, that will bring joy to those from 11 to 14 years of age. He, who will give readings from this book will definately obtain silence, expectating eyes and open ears around himself. The text is written in a good Danish, short sentences are used and the printing is easy to read. The cover by Jesper Østergaard shows the evil king Haron on the bridge near the gate to the Roselawn.

Hans Pedersen

Synopsis on Landet bag Tågerne (Land beyond the Mist)

Jesper, 11 years of age, returns from a week-end at some friends and discovers that his dog, Cherry, has been sent to hospital, deadly poisoned by ratpoison, put in the house by his father. In dispair Jesper leaves his home, and goes to the hospital, where everything is dark and closed for the night. In the middle of his unhappiness the raven Black Mac from Fantasyland turns up, and together they begin a very hazardous journey. They are to fetch a magic, lifegiving rose that only appears behind the limits of adults' fantasy, in Hanwayan - The Land beyond the Mist. They steal a boat on a small lake named Løgsø. The raven claims that they can travel to Hanwayan from any lake, as long as there's mist - and land cannot be seen anywhere. So they choose a misty night and travel - from Løgsø to Hanwayan.
Hanwayan is divided into 3 kingdoms. There is the land ruled by Haron, who is mean and viciouse. They are hunted by Harons black knights and haunted by snowstorms, that Haron raises to stop them. The boy and the raven find shelter by a woman in the forests. Her son at 11 is deadly poisoned by the witchcraft from an arrow from Harons bow. She tells them that the only thing that can save her son is a rose from the Rosegarden. Jesper promises to bring such a rose to her, as he is going to the Rosegarden anyway. They leave, and are once again hunted by Haron's evil knights. They seek shelter in the swamp. At a truth-speaking well  they meet the midget Dworf. A well that never lies, but where how the question is put is of great importance. In the swamp they find Tinga's Island, the kingdom of wealth. They get blinded by greed and forget why they came there in the first place. In the evening Jesper is about to wash a jewel at the beach, when he sees the reflection af his own eyes in the water. Eyes that shine and sparkle like cut diamonds. He wakes up from his trance and fetches Dworf and Black Mac, just as Tinga's Palace sinks into the swamp. They manage to get away and fight their way back to Hanwayan. At last they succeed and come to the third kingdom, ruled by the mild king. They find his Rosegarden, where the evil forces of Haron can never reach them. Jesper is given a magic rose by the king and begins his journey back home, together with Dworf and Black Mac. The petals are made of the purest deep-red glass. But the rose cannot survive the frost, and as they try to escape through Harons winter, it withers rappidly.  They find shelter by the woman in the forest, and Jesper who realizes that the rose will never make it all the way back home gives it to the woman, to save her child. They are forced to move on, and finally they escape across the frozen lake, that might be Løgsø, hunted by Haron's black knights. The mild King from the Rosegarden comes to their rescue. He gives Jesper another rose to replace the one he gave away, and with his mighty sword he carves a hole in the ice, to separate Jesper and Black Mac from Haron and his knights. Dworf stays with the mild king and becomes the gardener in the Rosegarden.
Jesper and Black Mac break into the veterinary hospital in the middle of the night. And only a few moments before the rose is dead, they put it near to Cherri's heart. Cherri's life is saved. The raven Black Mac returns to Fantasyland, where Merlin gives it a warm welcome. It promises never to go near the boy from the real world ever again. But even Merlin does not see the whole truth, when he looks into the future.

In this translation the raven Sorte Sigurd is named Black Mac.

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